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NOTICE:Effective October 1,2019 must add 100.00 to all lots if you need a key due to the club price increase! on their end.

My background.

Hello my name is Tony, I am U.S.M.C Veteran and have lived in Florida my whole life. I'm a former super cross racer who has raced with Vanilla Ice and Tim ferry. I am a local private owner not a land company. I am here to help and advise you before and after the sale.  If you ever need anything, I will take your call personally and right away, where other sellers won't! I been in Florida for 57 years! I am very pleasant to deal with and assure you that you will be totally satisfied with the entire experience. 

A little about Holopaw.

Holopaw, also known as Suburban Estates has around 11,000 acres which are used for 4-wheeling, camping, hunting, target shooting at the gun range, mudding. These properties are for recreational use only, so you can not put a concrete structure on it.

You are allowed to put campers, trailers, and stick camps. Owning a property entitles you to a key for the main gate at Suburban Estates, which is located in St.Cloud by 441 & 192. The terrain is dirt trails and 4x4 accessible only. There is a parking lot to unload trailers for ATV and side by sides etc.

Cheapest way access to Holopaw buy a $1,000 wet lot or a Dry lot starting from $1999 and up.  Includes key and closing cost!


There are no hidden fees and taxes are current on all properties. The deed preparation fees, recording cost, doc stamps and key are all included in the listing's price. You can also go through a licensed title company of your choice as long as you pay for all closing cost!

I do not answer blocked calls, or respond to submission questions on this site. So please call if you are interested. We promptly return all calls.

I own all these properties so you get to deal directly with me and no middle man!

Contact me 321-243-4886 or 321-210-4355

Keys are in stock!

Paseo en cuatrimotos. quieren montar en vehículos todo terreno y cuatro ruedas legalmente Búscate que una clave aquí $1,000 incluye trámites y todo lo que tengo también seco campings disponibles agua energía mucha tracción diversión 4 sólo por favor llamar no gracias

That is me meeting and purchasing Doug Danger's autographed dirt bike. I have no intentions of riding it, I'm just going to preserve it's history.

In the bottom left corner is a autographed picture from Vanilla Ice reading           "To the roost king" and to the right is an autographed picture of Tim Ferry.
Riding through Holopaw.
Holopaw's south beach.

Picture 1.             

Located just off of the south side's main access road are the semi-dry lots 1 through 4 which are only 1.2 miles from the gate.

Lots 2 are only $1,999 each.  Lots 3and 4 are $2,799 each.

You will need to do some pad work, but it is still well worth it because you will have very easy access to the main road. I can do financing on this lot.

Make a stick camp close to the gate!

The gps coordinates are N028.112960,W081152907

Picture 2.

These wet lots are the cheapest way to gain access to Holopaw! They are located deep in the swamp, but allows you to enjoy riding around the 11,000 acres.

Priced at $1,000.

Wet lot parcel numbers will vary.

Picture 3.

I marked them on 2/13/18 and they are high and dry. These lots are in a quiet location and have palmettos on them which do not grow under water.

Priced at $1,999.

The gps coordinates are N028.144974, W081.165313

Lot 0422-2, 0422-3, 0422-4 and 0422-5 are sold.

Picture 4.

Lots  3221-D through 3221-15D are 1/3 acre dry lots priced at $2,799 each.

Easy access trails to the lots. Approximately 3 miles from the gate.

gps coordinates are to the center point of all the lots pictured. 28.107648°,-81.175104° 


Picture 5.

Lot 2113-1G is a 1.25 acre lot priced at $7,499. You can get up to 4 keys with this 1.25, it has a main trail access and  a water drain in the back of lot. I can do financing.

gps coordinates are N28° 6'52.12", 81° 9'7.01"W

Picture 6.

Lot 2124-1G is just 1 mile from the gate on main trail. You can easy pull right on to your campsite.

Priced at $7,499. Get up to 4-keys on this lot with 4-names on the deed! I can do financing.

gps coordinates are 28° 6'51.32"N,81° 9'10.53"W
Picture 7.

Only 2 miles from the gate nice and dry 1/3 acres lots.

Located south of the power poles.

gps coordinates are 28° 6'9.08"N,81° 9'16.93"W

$3,699 each. Note lot 1,3,4,5 are sold!.
Picture 8.

Located 2.5 miles from gate near horseshoe pond.

Lot 3331-1D is a 1.25 acre tract priced at $7,199.

Lots 3331-D, 3331-5D and 3331-6D are 1/3 acre dry lots priced at $2,799 each.

Lots 3331-2D, 3331-4D, 3331-10D, 3331-11D and 3331-12D are $2,399 each. These lots have existing trails that lead right to the property.

gps coordinates are 28° 6'9.24"N, 81°10'31.84"W 

Lot 3342-5D is only 1.75 miles from the gate. Priced at $2,399.

Located just south of the power poles and just east of gun range road and power lines.

The gps coordinates are 28.106727°,-81.155110°

Picture 9. Lot 3 is the last one left!

.31 acre dry lots located just 1 mile from gate on the main the trail.

Priced at $3,699 each. I can do financing on these lots and have people who can clear your lot and pull your camper out there for a reasonable fee.

gps coordinates are 28° 6'51.32"N, 81° 8'52.84"W 
Lot 1 ,2 & 4 & 5 are sold! 

Picture 10. High and dry. Only 1.69 miles from the gate.


Lots 3122-002G through 3122-019G are 1/3 acre lots that are located just south of the power poles and west of the mud hole. Priced at $3,699 each. I can do financing.

Lot 3122-4G north & south are 1/3 acres priced at $3,699 each.

The gps coordinates are N028.106818,W081.154405

Lots 10,11,12,14, 16g and 19  and 3122-4g south are sold. 

Picture 11.

0122-2E 1.25 miles from the gate.

I can finance or cut into small pieces.

Lot 1 is a 1.25 acre priced at $7,499.

gps coordinates are  28° 6'43.17"N, 81° 9'33.74"W

Picture 12.

285L is a 1.25 Arce lot located near south beach and just west of the dirtbike track.

There are cypress trees on the back of the lot giving good privacy.

Pirced at $6,499 you can get up to 4 keys if you put 4 people on the deed.

gps coordinates are to the center of the lot. The red arrow is showing where south beach in located.

28° 5'15.83"N, 81°10'5.61"W
Picture 13.

Beautiful 1/3 acre lots with trees located just a rock throw away from the swimming hole.

Gps coordinates are N028.08.5077,w081.168136.

Lots 2-10 $4,499 each. 

Lot 1 has a massive oak tree on it. Priced at $6,799.
Picture 14.

(Lot 2144) 1 and 2 are a hunter's dream location in Holopaw! They are located in the north end, about as far as you can go before hitting the swamp.

Priced at $6,299 each these 1.25 acre lots offer peace and quiet while being in Holopaw's prime hunting area.

gps coordinates are  28° 8'29.92"N, 81° 9'3.89"W
Picture 15.

1.25 acre lots located in the northwest. This is a nice and quiet location.

Priced at $6,299 each. I can do financing.

You can get up to 4 keys if you put  4 names on the deed.

gps coordinates are  28° 8'42.62"N, 81°10'32.90"W Around 6 miles from gate.

Picture 16.

1.585 acre dry lot located just 2 lots west of south beach.

This is the most pristine lot I have in Holopaw. This lot has a lot of large oak trees on it

Priced at $10,999.

GPS coordinates are N.028.085784,W081.17055

Picture 17.

1.25 acres located at gun range road.

Priced at $6,999 each, key and paper work included.

gps is  28° 5'39.35"N, 81° 9'35.51"W

Picture 18.

Only 2 miles from the gate nice and quiet location. Take the short cut from the groves! 

Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 are all priced at $3,499 each.

The gps coordinates are 8.096903°-81.152158°

Picture 19. The ultimate park and ride only 150 yards from the gate!  lots 1-4 are priced at $9,000

These 1/3 acre lots are located up front directly past the gate on the right hand side. 



The gps coordinates are 28.118007°,-81.136293°

Picture 20. About 100 yards from south beach!

Lot 196K north is a 1/2 acre lot priced at $5199.

Lot 196k south is a 1/2 acre lot priced at $3,999.

These are 1/2 acre lots. you can get up to 2 keys.

Picture 21.

Lot 1424-1 is a 1.25 acre lot located just past the north swimming hole.

Priced at $5,799. Get up to 4 keys with 4 names on the deed!

The gps coordinates are 28° 8'23.24"N, 81°10'49.04"W

Picture 22.

Located near south beach and gun range

Lot 097K is a 1.25 acre lot priced at $6,599.

The gps coordinates are  28° 5'43.09"N, 81°10'9.55"W

Picture 23.

Lot 171CL and lots 1 through 4 are 1/3 acres priced at $2,499. I can do financing.

Located before the west side of gun range and north of dirt bike track.

Lot is approximately 2.5 miles from gate.

The gps coordinates are 28.088646-81.15702

Note LOT 171L, 171AL and 171BL are sold.

Picture 24.

Lot 0441 east and west are both 1.25 acre lots priced at $6,350 each. You can get up to 4 keys with either of the two lots. Located in the north end, around 6 miles away from the gate. These lots provide solitude away from the crowds.

Lot 0422-1 is a 1.25 acre lot that is priced at $6,250. You can get up to 4 keys with this lot.

0422-3, 0422-4 and 0422-5 are 1/3 acre lots which are priced at $1,999 each.  Located 6 miles away from the gate. Low traffic location by hunting area.

All of these lots have nice trails leading to them.

The gps coordinates are to the center point of the lots.  28.145793°,-81.165306°

Lot 0422-2, 0422-5, and 0441W is sold.

Picture 25.

Lots 1 through 3 are 1.25 acre lots located in hog island. Priced at $6,700 each.  I can do financing these lots.

Lots 5 through 6 are 1/3 acre lots priced at $1,699.

Deer, hog, and turkey hang around this location. Its very thick vegetation.

The gps coordinates are  28.133234°,-81.144914° 

Note lot 4 ,5,and 7 are sold.

Picture 26.


Just 2 miles straight down the main road, then head left once you reach camp victory.

2342-3D (sold) and -6D are 1/3 acres lots that are priced at $3,399 each. I can finance these lots.


The gps coordinates are  28.109701°,-81.175029°

Picture 27.

Lot 4 and 5 are both 1/2 acre dry lots which are priced at $5,800 each. 

Lots 8  are 1/3 acre dry lots that are priced at $3,399 each.

Located just off the gun range, but they still have plenty of distance between the range and are facing the opposite direction of fire. Lots are approximately 2.5 miles from gate.

The gps coordinates are 28.088646-81.157026°

Note: lot #9 is sold

Picture 28.

Lots 2142-2G, 2142-3G, are all 1.25 acre  lots that are only 1.2 miles from the gate. These lots are located just off of the main access road from the south side and are priced at $5,999 each. 

You will need to do some pad work, but it is still well worth it because you will have very easy access to the main road. I can do financing on this

The gps coordinates are N028.112960,W081152907

Picture 29.

No gates surrounding this lot. Located off of Crab Grass road and Palm front road off of 192 St. Cloud. This is 1.16 acres of vacant land that you can live on.

I have a lot for sale in Canaveral Acres, also know as Bull Creek. Canaveral Acres is two square miles, two sections, of private land surrounded by two wildlife management areas. Bull Creek WMA is 23,646 acres on the north and east sides and Triple N Ranch WMA is 16,295 acres on the west and south sides. So Canaveral Acres is two sections surrounded by about 40,000 acres of wildlife management areas. The Osceola County Property Appraiser Parcel number for the lot is 35-27-33-0000-0670-0000. The lot is 1.15 acres.
In the attached photograph the boundary line for Bull Creek WMA in the north side of Crabgrass Road and the boundary line for Triple N Ranch WMA is the west side of Palm Frond Road. Access to the property is via a 50’ wide recorded easement which is shown as the lines running south from Crabgrass Road.
Current zoning requires five contiguous acres to get a building permit, however, the owners of the fist lot off Crabgrass Road (0030) got a variance to build on that 1.15-acre lot. There is no power, water or septic at the lot. It’s mainly for camping. Several owners have put trailers or RVs on their properties

The gps coordinates are to center or lot 28° 5'21.86"N, 80°59'40.56"W 

Priced at $13,999. Great camp site, right near FWC hunting land.

Picture 30. Priced at $12,999

being a owner entitles you a key to the gate for access 4x4 is recommended due to dirt trails.

1.40 acres located in Grant Florida near the Indian river. Ideal for hunting,riding atvs and camping.There is a trail that goes directly to the lot. Golf course and small airport as well as homes near by.

This property is zoned as residential, which makes it a great future investment. Many new homes are being built in the area.

Gps coordinates are to the center point of the lot. 27.943978°,-80.563086°

If you have any more questions about the land please contact the county.

Only call me when you are ready to buy! (321)243-4886 (Tony)

There is another picture of this lot listed below.

Picture 31.

2702 Haberland avenue Palm Bay FL 32909 residential lot for sale.

Nice quiet area with power, well and septic.

Lot size is 80x125 and is priced at $15,000. I can do financing.

All Q&A needs to be done to the city of palm bay (Brevard county).