My name is Tony I lived in Florida for 54 years and I have over 16 years of experience in Holopaw. I know the area very well and have the county's gps coordinates to the four corners of all my dry lots. I have wide variety of lots and offer a buyback program if you’re looking to upgrade. I am very pleasant to deal with and assure you will be satisfied with the entire experience. Please continue to visit the website, and keep an eye for new properties. I match or beat any price and offer short term financing up to 6 months.


Buying a 1/3 acre wet lot is the cheapest way to legally gain access to Holopaw.

 $900 includes the key and closing.

 There are no hidden fees and taxes are current on all properties. The price you see is the price you pay!


Holopaw which is also known as Suburban Estates has around 10,000 acres which is used for 4-wheeling, camping, hunting, target shooting at the gun range, mudding. There is no electric power in Holopaw, you can use a generator or solar power if you choose to. This land is not buildable, but you can put a structure on it as long as it does not have a concrete foundation.  This property is for recreational use only. Owning a lot entitles you to a key for the main gate at Suburban Estates.


Contact information (Tony) 321-243-4886 or 321-210-4355.

I also purchase lots if your looking to sell.


I do not answer blocked calls, or respond to submission questions on this site. I am a hands on upfront person so please call if you’re interested.



Keys are in stock!

Holopaw's south beach.

Picture 1.

New lots. Lots 3122-002G through 3122-019G are 1/3 acre lots and are priced at $3,499 each. I do offer financing on these lots, located just south of the power poles and west of the mud hole. Nice quality high and dry lots. gps coordinates are N028.106818,W081.154405 Only 1.69 miles from gate.


Picture 2. 

New dry lots. Only 1.75 miles from the gate, just south of the power poles.

Lots 1-5 are $2,999.99each and lots 6-8 are $3,499.99 each.

gps coordinates are 28.106727°,-81.155110°

Picture 3.

Lots 1 through 3 are wet priced at $899 each. Lots 4 through 8 are $2499.99 each. 

Quiet location near the horseshoe pond, around 3 miles from the gate.


gps coordinates are 28.101107°,-81.174399°NOTE LOT 1&2 SOLD

Picture 4.


Just 2 miles straight down the main road, then head left once you reach camp victory.  2342-3D and -6D are 1/3 acres lots that are priced at $3,299 each. I can finance these lots.


The gps coordinates are  28.109701°,-81.175029°

Picture 5.

Lots 3221-1D, 3221-3D, 3221-4D and 3221-5D are all 1/2 acre dry lots priced at $5,799.each. Approximately 3 miles from the gate and has nice access trails leading to the lots.

gps coordinates are to the center point of all the lots pictured. 28.107648°,-81.175104° 

Picture 6. Super rare dry lots! The ultimate park and ride!

These lots are located up front directly past the gate on the right hand side $15000 each. 


The gps coordinates are 28.118007°,-81.136293°

Picture 7.


Quiet location, only five minutes from the gate.  High and dry 1/3 acre lots right next to the orange groves. Priced at $4499 each.

The gps coordinates are to the center point of the picture. 28.107894°-81.142919° 

Lots are approximately 1.5 miles from gate.

Picture 8.


Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 are all priced at $2999. Only 2 miles from the gate nice and quiet location. Take the short cut from the groves!


The gps coordinates are 8.096903°-81.152158°

Picture 9.


Lots 2 is 1/2 acre lot which is priced at $5,799. Lots 4 and 5 are 1/3 acre lots that are priced at $2999 each. The lots border a canal and have a nice dirt road to access them. These lots are high and dry with no trails through them. Only 2 miles from the gate, located just east of gun range road.


The gps coordinates are to the center point of all the lots pictured.



Picture 10.


Lot 1 is a 1.25 acre tract priced at $6,700. You can get up to 4 keys with this lot. Located in the south east area. I can do financing. Approximately 2 miles from gate.

The gps coordinates are 28.097022°,-81.150856° 

Picture 11.

Lots 2142-2G, 2142-3G, and 2142-4G are all 1.25 acre dry lots that are only 1.2 miles from the gate. These lots are located just off of the main access road from the south side and are priced at $7,999 each. You will need to do some pad work, but it is still well worth it because you will have very easy access to the main road. I can do financing on this lot!

The gps coordinates are N028.112960,W081152907

Picture 12.

Lots 3323-8M and 3323-9M are 1/3 acre lots that are located on the southeast side of gun range road. Both of these lots are high and dry and are priced at $2,799 each. 

The gps coordinates are 28.089088°,-81.155707°

Picture 13.

Lot 4 and 5 are both 1/2 acre dry lots which are priced at $5000 each. Lots 8 and 9 are 1/3 acre dry lots that are priced at $2,799 each.

Located just off the gun range, but they still have plenty of distance between the range and are facing the opposite direction of fire. Lots are approximately 2.5 miles from gate.

The gps coordinates are 28.088646-81.157026°

Picture 14.


Just 1 mile from the gate lots 1242-2G N 1/2 are dry lots priced at $3,000 each.

There is a wishbone that can be taken out of the road that goes through 1242-2G N 1/2.

The single road must be left intact, it is a nice access to your camp also.


gps coordinates are to center point. 28° 6'48.53"N, 81° 8'53.20"W

I can do financing.  Lot is approximately a 1.3 mile straight run west from gate.

Picture 15.


Lots 171L and 171BL are 1/3 acre lots that are priced at $2,499.


Lots 171 AL and 170 AL are half acre dry lots which are priced at $4,800 each.  

All four lots are ideally located, having nice trails and smooth surrounding riding areas. You can get up to two keys with the half acre lots.


The gps coordinates are 28° 5'38.07"N, 81°10'3.97"W


Located about 300 yards north of the quad track and off gun range road. Approximately 3 miles from gate south west.

Picture 16.

Lot 0441 east and west are both 1.25 acre lots priced at $6250 each. You can get up to 4 keys with either of the two lots. Located in the north end, around 6 miles away from the gate. These lots provide solitude away from the crowds.

Lot 0422-1 is a 1.25 acre lot that is priced at $6250. You can get up to 4 keys with this lot.

Lots 0422-2 west and 0422-2 east are 1/2 acre lots which are priced at $3,699 each. You can get up to two keys with either lot. Located 6 miles away from the gate.

All of these lots have nice trails leading to them and are high and dry.

The gps coordinates are to the center point of the lots.  28.145793°,-81.165306° lots are approximately 6.3 miles from gate north west.Ican put them all together for  a whooping 5 acres continuous!!! rare to have 5 acres tract these day dry!

Picture 17.

Lots 3311-5, 3311-6, 3311-7, 3312-2, and 3312-6 are 1/3 acre dry lots priced at $1,499 each.  Lot 3311-1 is an awesome place to set up near the hunting area away from heavy traffic. 

The gps coordinates are to the center point of all four lots 28° 8'53.19"N, 81° 9'20.11"W  lots are approximately 6.3 miles from gate.

Holopaw's north end.

Picture 17.

1/3 acre wet lots are only $900 out the door, the key and deed is included! This is the cheapest way inside the gate. I buy back lots, or take them in as trade in value towards your purchase.

Hog hunting in Holopaw.
Tracking game on Holopaw's trails.
Holopaw's basic conduct.
Brand new Holopaw keys.

Parcel I.D 29-38-30-00-00292.0-0000.00 This a 1.33 acre lot located inside the gate of grant just south of Melbourne. This dry lot is great for camping and hunting deer, turkey and hog. Once you become an owner you receive the access code to the gates combination lock from the town of Grant. This piece of land is priced at $9,999 because it is zoned as residential which makes it a great investment for the future. The two pictures below show different aerial views of this property. I can do financing.


The gps coordinates are  27°56'8.32"N, 80°34'5.82"W

Grant aerial view.

This is 5 acre area makes a perfect hunting or bug out camp. Lots 277 and 278 are located on Oak Hill Ranch road. Priced at $13,000 each.


Gps coordinates are to south east corner. 28.8457,-80.9266.


To get to the lot follow May town road until you pass 1-95. Make your first right about 100 yards then make right onto Oak Hill Ranch road. Head approximately 1.25 miles north and the property is on left, kitty corner to someone’s camp site. There is no power or water.

Volusia county access road. Just off May town road and just west of 1-95.

This is a residential lot that is located in south east Palm Bay Florida. It is priced at $15,000. Please call for details.

I have met Doug Danger!

I have raced supercross with Vanilla Ice. His autograph says "To the roost king".

I also raced with Tim Ferry.