I match or beat any prices for the same quality lots,over 12 years of experiance in this location.

I have affordable lot & easy to get to them ALL times of the year! that suits your needs. I.e. I can cut you out a 1/3 acre section out of my larger lots.

I can help you make the purchase by financing. A small depost is needed if you do decide to finance a lot.

I buy, trade, and upgrade lots.   

If your interested in selling your lot or lots just contact me with your parcel i.d. and say how much money you want for the property.  

Contact information

Call Tony

321-243-4886 or 321-210-4355

I do not answer blocked calls. I do not respond to submissions question off this site.

Secondary web site url: http://suburbanestateslandforsale.webs.com/

This high and dry 1.25 acre is 2.8 miles from the gate and is next to the old orange groves, so there is minimal traffic and noise. It has an oak, black olive, scrub, and pine trees on it.

The gps coordinates for this lot are 28° 7'17.28"N, 81° 9'56.30"W.

Up to 4 keys

Price $5,800. I can also finance this lot.

Lot 3342-1B and 3342-2B are 2 miles from the gate and are located just north of the mail trail and west of the gun range road.

The gps coordinates are 28° 7'0.15"N, 81°10'27.76"W

Price $3500 each.

These High and dry 1/2 acre lots are easy to access.

The gps coordinates are 28° 7'0.15"N, 81°10'27.76"W

Price $ 3,500

Lots g through 3g are 1/3 acre and cost $ 2,500 each. Lot 4g and 5 g are $ 3,500, and the north 1/2 of lot 243 is $ 3,300.

The coordinates for 6g are 28° 6'32.22"N, 81° 8'54.78"W 

This high and dry 1.25 acres are just south of the dirt bike track and are away from the crowd. It is also located close to the swimming hole & Gun range. The roads leading to this lot are in good condition.

The gps coordinates to this lot are 28° 5'9.97"N, 81° 9'53.68"W.

You can apply for up to 4 keys with this lot.

Price $ 5,500

High and dry 1/3 acre lots that are near the gun range. Located by the first right before the range and just south of the massive oak tree.

The gps coordinates are 28° 5'15.33"N, 81° 9'38.56"W

Price $2,500 each

Wet lots are only 850 out the door, and the key is included!

Suburban Estates is located in Holopaw Florida. It is recreational land that is used for riding, hunting, mudding, and shooting at it's range. 

You can get up to two keys on a 0.62 acre lot, if you put two names on it. One key is isussued on a 1/3 acre and up to 4 keys on a 1.25 acre.

As soon as I recieve your payment I will mail the Deed to County, they will then record your deed and mail your deed back to you.


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