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321-243-4886 or 321-210-4355

I do not answer blocked calls. I do not respond to submissions question off this site.

Secondary web site url: http://suburbanestateslandforsale.webs.com/

If you ever find a better price in writing I will surely beat it!

Holopaw land for sale, fast and thorough!

No one sells cheaper, faster, or better then me! 

Pictured above are 3 lots that are all 1.25 acres and 1.5 miles from the gate.


The lot # is 1334G, even though it is close to the gate it is still located away from the majority of the noise and traffic because it does not have any trails that run through it.


Each 1.25 acre cost $5,500. I can also split into smaller lots such at ,0.63 and 0.31 acres.


The gps coordinates are


28° 6'31.86"N, 81° 8'53.50"W Note,I am also selling half of these lots for only 3300.00 .062 acres and you can get up to 2 keys and save $$

I have new lots posted on the web link below.

Dry lots as follows 2500 (1 key)1/3 acre 1.7 miles from gate or .062 half acre for 3500 includes 1 key and you can get another key.

2 keys is the max on 0.62 acre lots.

 I can help you make the purchase by financing and taking deposits to hold lots.

For details call.


I have wet lots also known as access lots.

If you don't want to camp out or spend more money these are ideal.

A wet lot cost $800, the key and deed recording fees are included!

Pictured above


Lot 2143-1d is a 0.62 acre lot priced at $3500.00

This lot is close to the main road, and you can get up to 2 keys on this Lot.

The gps coordinates are

28° 6'44.25"N, 81°10'13.44"W

Pictured above are high and dry lots that back up to a canal drain. The lots pictured above are 1.7 miles from the gate and does not have any cypress trees making them very easy to access.


The price is $2,500, the key and closing are included!


Gps coordinates are


28° 6'12.12"N, 81° 9'11.38"W


Come on down and buy was of these beautiful lots, will take care of everything so you can ride, camp, and hunt the same day of purchase.


I do offer financing please call for details.

I also buy, trade, and upgrade lots.

I will get your cash to you right away. Just call me with your parcel i.d. and say how money you want for the property.

 If I'm interested I will call you back, it is that simple.

 I will help you find a lot you can afford and make sure it suits your needs.

Just call




If you want a campsite away from people, I have 3 (1.25) acre lots behind the dirtbike track.

All 3 (1.25) acre lots are high & dry with no other campsites around it. If you like copious breathing room theses are definitely the lots for you!

The price for the whole 3.78 acres is $16,000 and the price for 1.25 acres of the lot is $4,999.

 The gps coordinates are.

 28° 5'10.11"N, 81°9'54.01"W.

 I will also cut you out a piece of what you need n can afford.

Lot 244 is just over a 1/2 acre in size highly affordable and most of all easy acess 200 yards f south of power poles only 1.5 miles from the gate at only 3300.00 each half,pick the lot you want!

0.062 a little bigger than a half an acre was on it today and marked out the lot as you see it's nice and high and dry even with all the floods that were out there all week gps southwest of lot is 28° 6'31.17"N, 81° 8'55.43"W.pending what size you want and where gps will change ,but that is the beginning of section and you can easly match the picture up.I am just a phone call away ,I will work with you and even hold it with a deposit.Tax season .I like these lots the best for acess and distance.

I can finance this lot, it is only 2 miles from the gate and is close to the main road, making it very easy to access.

This will save you plenty of time so you can start your hunting, camping, and riding much faster.

 gps coordinates

 28° 6'12.70"N, 81°


I will match or beat any prices if the lots are the same quality.

I can finance on most lots!

I have some other  tracts and quite a few other lots that are not listed on the web site That with my experiance I can find you the right lot that fits your need!

Feel free to call and ask about the non-listed lots.

Suburban Estates, Holopaw Florida, recreational land. 

Atving, mudding, hunting, and shooting range! You can get up to two keys on a 0.62 acre lot if you put in two names, or up to 4 keys with 4 names on a 1.25 area tract.

Just pick the lot you want and I will email you a contract. All I need is you name and address. 

As soon as I receive your payment I will mail the deed to the county for recording, the county will then mail you your deed.

Being a landowner in Suburban Estates gives you the right to have access to the whole 10,000+/- acres for hunting, camping, riding, and exploring.

Once you purchase land in Suburban Estates you will receive a key to get inside the locked entrance gate.

If I have keys in stock I will include them in the price of the land, if I do not have keys I will give directions on how to obtain one when your deed is sent. 

You cannot build a permanent residence anywhere in Suburban Estates, but you can set up a camp on your own property if you purchase a dry lot. You can also buy a wet lot, which is a piece of property that is usually covered with water 100% of the year. 

The purpose of wet lots is to gain access as cheaply as possible to ride, camp (at the pavilion area), shoot (at the gun range), and hunt.

Common courtesy’s are not littering and hunting in the north end i.e. Big Bend Swamp.